Friday, December 25, 2009

Fort Love

This is what I dreamt about last night:

Merry Christmas, Happy Whatever You Celebrate!!! ♥


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Super Mario Christmas Eve

I bought Super Mario Bros Wii for a Christmas preset this year, and I'm kind of excited for it to get opened so I can try it out as well! So far, my favorite Super Mario Bros game has to be 3, mainly because of Princess Peach. Anyway, this one should be fun, 4 player means *almost* everyone in the fam can play at the same time!

Of course, pretty pictures on topic riiiiiiight.... now :)

tumblr_kunjkg9Fig1qasbyxo1_400_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

tumblr_kuxicu592H1qasbyxo1_400_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

tumblr_kuxihlbkzX1qasbyxo1_500_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

2700363987_ffe3a266ee_o_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Oh look, all cakes and cupcakes. Guess you can tell another favorite thing of mine!
Some non foodstuff Mario pretties:

20090211171719 (by Lex Leigh ♥)

2873762222_5f5b689cbf_o_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

The last one is soooo cute. Amigurumi makes me want to learn to crochet.
By the way, I found out that you can buy Super Mario Bros amigurumi patterns {like the one pictured} right here on Etsy!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve!! {It's still Christmas Eve Eve here on the Best Coast.... er, West Coast for another half hour!}


Friday, December 18, 2009

It's starting to feel like Christmas!

Ahhhh! The first Christmas with Uptown Avenue has been CRA-ZY! Lots of orders on both our Etsy sites and the main website, but it was awesome :)

I'm writing a super fun New Years Resolutions list that I will share with you soon!
But here are some super cute holiday photos that completely inspire me ♥

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Cable Knit stockings! Eeeeee cute! And adorable pom pom garland. I feel a project coming on.

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Um, yes. Adorbs. I've hated pink my entire life, I'm strangely feeling drawn to it more and more since my study in pink project {I purposely painted only in pinks to try to get more used to it}.

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

A white tree and the ornaments are in COLOR ORDER?! Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm slightly obsessed with color order! I totally want a fluffy white tree like this. I have a cute simple white tree right now that I still adore and will be setting up this weekend. And I've already wrapped some presents and put them under the family tree, which smells so wonderfully of pine. I am pretty proud of myself, I don't usually put out wrapped gifts until Christmas Eve, or even have all of my shopping done until a couplle days before Christmas! I think my list making this year really helped keep things going, even with the busy holiday shipping schedule.

Okay, I have a Christmas work party to get ready for.
More blogs soon, my dry spell is over!



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mustard and olive

A little themed vintage inspiration for you while I am on vacation!

11/11 (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

11/11 (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

11/11 (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

11/11 (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Hope you are having as great a week as I am!


Thursday, November 5, 2009


If I could choose it, I would turn my nighttime dreams off. I dream all day long, and I looooove to choose the dreams I have during the day! I have lots of good dreams at night, too - but I rarely get to remember them and this bums me out slightly.
Anyway, I joined weheartit today because it's gorgeous and inspiring! Soooo you can keep up with what's inspring me right here. It says you can follow other people, my guess is that it's similar to following someone on Twitter? Anybody know?

tumblr_krs2l8rT1R1qzofsfo1_500_large (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

notebookdoodles 20090824235846 (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Found on weheart it here and here!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Song Inspiration

I just listened to the 09 Paramore album, and there's one song in particular that I lovelove. It's called "All I Wanted" and I've had it on repeat for 3 days and counting. The music itself makes me think of dusk, with some glittery lights - being wrapped in a cape or blanket with some hot chocolate or cider. Ok, it can have a summer feel too, that includes a night in the park. But it's fall now, so I like the glittery lights and blanket in bright red orange leaves at dusk.

Some images to go with my interpretation of the setting of the song:

Rainbow Lights (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Rain (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Tree with Lights (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Oh, and the rain picture is because fall to me = rain. I'm in Oregon, what can I say.

This last picture goes with the same feel to me, but is not set outside. It's ok, it's just as inspirational.

Untitled (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend!

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{All images found on}

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Treats

Dun dun dun, okay it's time for our fun October giveaway!! No tricks involved :)
We have gotten a lot of feedback on what you guys wanted to see in a giveaway and the #1 answer was jewelry. But we were torn, because we just came out with a popular mustache mug set that we thought you might be interested in also. So.... instead of picking one or another, we're giving BOTH!

The grand prize is a mustache espresso set - they're SUPER cute!
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
I kind of think they would be perfect for a girls tea party as well.

And the second prize is this crafty fox pendant necklace. He's completely adorable, and is on a great necklace made from the same rubber as wetsuits {I know, cool right?}

October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Aaaand these are just in time for the holidays. You can either gift this awesome set or keep it for yourself, but I'm pretty sure you'll want to keep it if you win it :)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us what your favorite book is and why {I'm on the hunt for a new list of books to read!} Then keep checking back to see if you've won!
The winners will be chosen at random on October 31st.

Hope you are ALL having a fabulous weekend!

Cheers ♥

PS: If you want to be in "the know" for all future giveaways, sign up for our newsletter on the bottom left corner here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Love

I have a whole list of fun personal projects I want to work on!

In the meantime, a recent Etsy fave:

And some other web faves:

Seen on design is mine

Seen on ohdeedoh

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday Shop Update Sneak Peek!

So, I'm still in love with owls.

Owls on the mind this week (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
This cute little guy was made by my mother, Theresa, and he is probably my favorite new recent wardrobe addition!
He's part of our Sneak Peek for our Friday {tomorrow!} Shop Update - I couldn't wait to show him off! Him and his other felted owl friends are available in several different ways - but that's still hush-hush until tomorrow!

Owl Ring (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
This guy was a super find! Designer out of San Francisco, but didn't get the name {I'm bummed, help me out if you know who made this!}. Found it in a cute boutique in Salem, OR called Bittersweet Boutique. It's a gift for my lovely friend Joy, who I've adopted as my grandmother. She's amazing, and I could go on for days about how awesome she is. But she's definitely the most hip, trendy, classy 80something EVER.

Friday Etsy Update (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
Yep, another sneak peek! Shhhhhh

Friday Etsy Update (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
And my last sneak peek tonight {wow, it's really this morning I guess!}

We've been working super hard this week, can't wait to show you all of the new goodies tomorrow!!
Goodnight friends! ♥

xoxo - Lex

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cable Knit Goodness

I looove cable knit! And so, being the visual person that I am - here are some delicious photos. Enjoy this eye candy from two of my favorite sites ever: Etsy and Flickr.

Set of 3 Greeting Cards by NerdyTogether:

"look ma, i'm knitting cables!" by gwenelliott:

Handknit Pillow by strikk:

Charcoal Cozy by onaroll:

Frivol Hat by flint_knits:


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Best Summer Eva!

What is the most outrageous thing you did so far this year?

Sounds a bit like a truth or dare question.

Sadly, as much as I think and think, I can't remember a single outrageous event.
Not even a semi-odd one.
Not even an embarrassing moment.

What did I do all summer?

Cooked, cleaned, shopped, painted, created, strolled, comforted,
listened, shared, wondered, dreamed, worried and laughed.

DSCN0290 (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

It's a Wrap! (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

That's about it.

No fantastical vacations, but I did soak in the rays at the beach.

No heart-stopping rollercoaster rides, but I did have many picnics with my family and friends.

DSCN9345 copy (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

My summer maybe wasn't as exciting as yours, but I loved it just the same.

I didn't spend much cash, but it was rich in love. I didn't travel miles from home,
but I had lots of in depth conversations with those I love.

For sure, without a doubt, this summer has been one of my favorites.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Late Night Surfing Inspires Me

While the house is quiet, I sneak away to explore one of my favorite websites. has so many interesting stories and tips, I feel inspired everytime I visit.
For instance, here is an interesting article: Summertime New Uses For Old Things.

These cute place cards are made from paintchip samples - cute and colorful!

I love to recycle and to create, so this article was just right for me!

What do you enjoy reading? What inspires you?

Enjoy your life - Give generously to those you love!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Looking for a New Look!

Why is change so difficult?

When was the last time you decided to just step out of routine and change things up a bit?

For me, it seems often - as in hairstyles - or so I think! Funny thing is, every time I get a new
'fresh' cut, I seem to keep styling it the same as I have for years - so it really never looks that different!

I'm committing today to stop being such a creature of habit - to change my hair and NOT keep styling it the same! Yeah, we'll see how that goes...

Now the big question - do I go for layers, a bob, something trendy, short, long, medium?

Hair comparison for Val (by anime_fan *is away on vacation*)

Now I know why change is so difficult - too many choices!

Whatever changes you have going on in your life, big or small - easy or difficult - fun or serious, may they all be enriching times of growing and learning.


Friday, July 31, 2009


Watch out!

You are not going to believe what's coming soon to Uptown Avenue!

UptownVintage dot Etsy dot com (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Our vintage scouts have been working overtime (is shopping really working???)! We hope you enjoy the beautiful, tenderly cared for items we have acquired from yesteryear. Visit often and don't delay if you see something you love, because most of our vintage items are one-of-a-kinds and once they are gone...well, you get the picture!

UptownVintage dot Etsy dot com (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

UptownVintage dot Etsy dot com (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Have a fun-filled day!