Friday, December 25, 2009

Fort Love

This is what I dreamt about last night:

Merry Christmas, Happy Whatever You Celebrate!!! ♥


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Super Mario Christmas Eve

I bought Super Mario Bros Wii for a Christmas preset this year, and I'm kind of excited for it to get opened so I can try it out as well! So far, my favorite Super Mario Bros game has to be 3, mainly because of Princess Peach. Anyway, this one should be fun, 4 player means *almost* everyone in the fam can play at the same time!

Of course, pretty pictures on topic riiiiiiight.... now :)

tumblr_kunjkg9Fig1qasbyxo1_400_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

tumblr_kuxicu592H1qasbyxo1_400_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

tumblr_kuxihlbkzX1qasbyxo1_500_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

2700363987_ffe3a266ee_o_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Oh look, all cakes and cupcakes. Guess you can tell another favorite thing of mine!
Some non foodstuff Mario pretties:

20090211171719 (by Lex Leigh ♥)

2873762222_5f5b689cbf_o_large (by Lex Leigh ♥)

The last one is soooo cute. Amigurumi makes me want to learn to crochet.
By the way, I found out that you can buy Super Mario Bros amigurumi patterns {like the one pictured} right here on Etsy!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve!! {It's still Christmas Eve Eve here on the Best Coast.... er, West Coast for another half hour!}


Friday, December 18, 2009

It's starting to feel like Christmas!

Ahhhh! The first Christmas with Uptown Avenue has been CRA-ZY! Lots of orders on both our Etsy sites and the main website, but it was awesome :)

I'm writing a super fun New Years Resolutions list that I will share with you soon!
But here are some super cute holiday photos that completely inspire me ♥

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Cable Knit stockings! Eeeeee cute! And adorable pom pom garland. I feel a project coming on.

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Um, yes. Adorbs. I've hated pink my entire life, I'm strangely feeling drawn to it more and more since my study in pink project {I purposely painted only in pinks to try to get more used to it}.

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

A white tree and the ornaments are in COLOR ORDER?! Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm slightly obsessed with color order! I totally want a fluffy white tree like this. I have a cute simple white tree right now that I still adore and will be setting up this weekend. And I've already wrapped some presents and put them under the family tree, which smells so wonderfully of pine. I am pretty proud of myself, I don't usually put out wrapped gifts until Christmas Eve, or even have all of my shopping done until a couplle days before Christmas! I think my list making this year really helped keep things going, even with the busy holiday shipping schedule.

Okay, I have a Christmas work party to get ready for.
More blogs soon, my dry spell is over!