Friday, March 26, 2010

New Art Prints!

My mom and business partner, Theresa, is selling art prints of her original paintings!
The prints are available in our Etsy shop - clicking your favorite prints below will take you right to the Etsy page where it's being sold. I loooove her art (the one on the very bottom is my personal favorite).

More details about them on Etsy.

♥ / Lex

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Spring!

When the sun comes out and the temps get warmer, I cant' stay inside! As an artist, I love the colors in nature and Springtime in Oregon is eye-popping (guess all those long months of rain, rain and more rain really paid off). Blooms are everywhere - flowers, shrubs and trees - petals fall like snowflakes and cover the streets like intricate lace. The fresh air is fragrant and refreshing (let's not talk about hay fever here!). Anyway - the colors and textures inspire me so much I can hardly sleep at night - instead, I design in my mind (Can't exactly fire up the sewing machine or break out the paintbrushes when the sleepy members of my family are in dreamland). But in the morning when I wake up (guess I accidentally doze off sometime between midnight and sunrise) I begin to create! Look for new goodies popping up in our handmade shop.

What inspires you? What new blooms (ideas!) is Spring bringing your way? I'd love to hear!


Sunday, March 7, 2010


Shhhhh, we have ONE set of the rainbow mustache mug sets available in our Etsy shop!

You can get it here!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love those graphic tees

Happy almost Spring, friends! Just wanted to show the new camera, which I loveloveLOVE.

New camera!

I think I might sign up for another Photog class next month. I took one in high school but didn't learn anything that I didn't already know. Hopefully this one is different.

Spring is coming

Took it out the other day when it was crazy gorgeous. This 60 degree weather is awesome! Today was rainy and chilly again, but the sunny warm days make me remember last summer. Days of smoothies, running, and new adventures. This summer will be much the same, but better. Because 2010 has been a-mazing so far.

I feel like it might be hard to stay away from my beloved graphic tees this summer though. Last fall I made a pact with myself that I would try to have a more grown up wardrobe, because I was stuck in a tee shirt/jeans/sneaker rut. I bought a bunch of cardigans, which I didn't think I would like so much but wound up adoring. And straight leg jeans with ankle boots. But after Allie blogged the CMYKRGB shirt from Threadless again {one that I'd been admiring because of my graphic design love}, I started searching out other super fun graphic tees. Thus making it harder yet to stay true to my promise to myself. I might just break, because they are so great!

portland t
Because I ♥ Portland {duh!}

fox on bike
Because foxes + bikes might just be the coolest combination all week.

To prove to myself that I should stay on track because this is just completely adorable.

{All items can be found on Etsy, click on the photo to go to the listing!}

What wardrobe resolutions have you made to yourself lately?