Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love those graphic tees

Happy almost Spring, friends! Just wanted to show the new camera, which I loveloveLOVE.

New camera!

I think I might sign up for another Photog class next month. I took one in high school but didn't learn anything that I didn't already know. Hopefully this one is different.

Spring is coming

Took it out the other day when it was crazy gorgeous. This 60 degree weather is awesome! Today was rainy and chilly again, but the sunny warm days make me remember last summer. Days of smoothies, running, and new adventures. This summer will be much the same, but better. Because 2010 has been a-mazing so far.

I feel like it might be hard to stay away from my beloved graphic tees this summer though. Last fall I made a pact with myself that I would try to have a more grown up wardrobe, because I was stuck in a tee shirt/jeans/sneaker rut. I bought a bunch of cardigans, which I didn't think I would like so much but wound up adoring. And straight leg jeans with ankle boots. But after Allie blogged the CMYKRGB shirt from Threadless again {one that I'd been admiring because of my graphic design love}, I started searching out other super fun graphic tees. Thus making it harder yet to stay true to my promise to myself. I might just break, because they are so great!

portland t
Because I ♥ Portland {duh!}

fox on bike
Because foxes + bikes might just be the coolest combination all week.

To prove to myself that I should stay on track because this is just completely adorable.

{All items can be found on Etsy, click on the photo to go to the listing!}

What wardrobe resolutions have you made to yourself lately?



  1. Ahhh thanks for the mention!!! I'm sorry that I have kicked up an obsession again :-/
    Love the new camera. I see that it's a Canon, but what kind?

  2. oh I am so ready for warm weather too! I love the tees so cute :D

  3. Allie - Don't be sorry, they are SO cute! I might just have to come up with creative ways to wear :) And the cam is a Canon T1i.

    Carrie - I know right? :)

  4. I'm terribly jealous of your new camera. I've been begging my husband to get me a new camera for about a year-in-a-half. Seriously. Which Canon did you get??

  5. Awesome camera! Let us know how the class goes if you decide to take it! I've always wondered about those...


  6. Whoah! what a great post! I am reading it because I am fond of reading blog!!..I really enjoy reading your blog! and the Graphic tees it's so beautiful..the design is very unique!