Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unexpected hiatus is officially over

Hello again friends!
Sorry it's been a while. My handy-dandy, usually trusty laptop started having issues a little over a month ago. First, it would freeze in the middle of everything I was working on {usually graphics, it was a PAIN!}. Then, it started forcing me to shut down manually and would take an hour to load back up. Next, it started taking 14 hours {yes, HOURS!} to load. And then it refused to load completely.The hard drive went bad, apparently. So I had to take it back to Best Buy and they replaced the hard drive for me. So now I'm back in blogging business! It made me realize how dependent I am on a] my own computer with customized settings {I customize them like CRAZY! I hate the default programs and have to change almost everything. Plus all of my Firefox add ons, etc.}, b]the internet. I think I went slightly crazy without the internet there for me.

I've been playing with our new camera lately, and now that I have the computer back I can get around to editing and uploading the pics!
Here's a sneak peek from the Wedding Extravaganza we hosted at my day job a couple weekends ago:


There was so much cake and other scrumptious goodies. Yummmmm!!!

So much more soon, I promise! Just wanted to drop by and say hello and let you know that I'll be back in full swing VERY very soon!

xoxo ♥


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  1. welcome back!!! Thats a really great pic!!!! Looking forward to your new posts!