Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mustaches Galore!

So in case you DIDN'T already know - we have mustache mugs back in stock! Right now we have them in white, a new style for 2010! I think they're super classy looking, great for a wedding or more formal look - but of course, still crazy with mustache graphics!

White Mustache Mugs (by Lex Leigh ♥)

White Mustache Mugs (by Lex Leigh ♥)

You can find them here!

Also, I watched Leigh-Ann's 2010 photobook project live today, that was so much fun!

She is totally adorable, most of the crafting session is viewable at UStream right here. I wish I had registered for a UStream account while I was watching, so I could join in on the chat - but is was fun watching and hearing her cute stories! I've loved Leigh-Ann's blog for quite a minute, going through one of my old blogs from YEARS ago I saw comments from her and it made me happy in my heart again. Isn't it funny how thrilled we get when someone we look up to takes time out to say hello to us?


Thursday, January 14, 2010

So pretty

I'm very inspired by turquoise again. Remember my dresser that I painted Tiffany Turquoise over the summer? Well, when I moved into my new bedroom I painted the walls gray, and I've been wrestling with myself over what accent colors I should put in. I have decided upon turquoise and red. I thought about going turquoise and royal purple, but royal purple is too much of a fad color for me. The nice thing about my neutral walls is that I can change out accent colors as often as I want!

Here are some of the most inspiring images I found on WeHeartIt when I searched for turquoise {you can see more of my faves in my stream}:

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Untitled (by Lex Leigh ♥)

If you are on WeHeartIt and want to heart these images too, I've saved the web address in the Flickr description - just click on the photo to get to the link!

Also, I've added a shiny new blog button you can add to your blog if you love mine! Its in the left sidebar, check it out ♥
I'll be adding buttons to my favorite blogs here too.

Ok, it's late, which means it's project time!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New in the Shop

Hi friends!
Small shop update, including Valentine's Day {or just "love"} cards, some new earrings, and original mustache paintings!
Le Curl Original Painting - Turquoise (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Le Curl Original Painting - Orange (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Mustache Original Paintings here.

Sweetheart Earrings (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Sweetheart Earrings (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Sweetheart Earrings here.

You Stole My Heart (by Lex Leigh ♥)

I Love You Deerly (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Love Cards here.

I'm working on lots of new projects, can't wait to show you!



PS: Are you keeping up with your resolutions? I think I need to start reviewing my resolutions book every morning when I wake up. I'm trying to keep up with taking more photos, but they've mostly been for the shop this last week. More personal pics are just around the corner!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A few resolutions

Instead of having just ONE New Year's Resolution, I decided to make a scrapbook of sorts called "10 Things To Do in 2010". Not all of the pages are finished yet. Actually, most of them aren't! But I thought I'd share the majority of my list of resolutions with you. I'm hoping to accomplish every single to-do on this list before 2011!

Here goes:

*Take more pictures {see below for page!}
*Take a creative, just for me class {see below for page!}
*Volunteer more
*Go to Renegade!
*Make a kawaii quilt
*Send more packages to faraway loved ones

Take more pictures (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Take a fun, creative class (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Well, it just happens that I signed up for Style School, so I get to cross this one off my list! It still counts, because even though I paid for it in 2009 it starts this year! Plus, it's the first fun, creative class I've taken since high school {intro to digital photography}.

And speaking of Style School - here are a couple pages I've done for my "homework".

The binder cover - used Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses - Woodland 12x12 for the woodgrain background, then drew one of my signature trees and colored it in using metallic gel pens. It took forever, but I was watching a movie the entire time so it was ok!
Style File Cover (by Lex Leigh ♥)

And one of my wardrobe inspiration pages:

Style School (by Lex Leigh ♥)

These are actually the only two pages I have done for it, but I have a TON of ideas for future pages!

And, no page in either one of my new books is free from future altering. They never are :)

What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions?