Sunday, October 18, 2009

Song Inspiration

I just listened to the 09 Paramore album, and there's one song in particular that I lovelove. It's called "All I Wanted" and I've had it on repeat for 3 days and counting. The music itself makes me think of dusk, with some glittery lights - being wrapped in a cape or blanket with some hot chocolate or cider. Ok, it can have a summer feel too, that includes a night in the park. But it's fall now, so I like the glittery lights and blanket in bright red orange leaves at dusk.

Some images to go with my interpretation of the setting of the song:

Rainbow Lights (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Rain (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Tree with Lights (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Oh, and the rain picture is because fall to me = rain. I'm in Oregon, what can I say.

This last picture goes with the same feel to me, but is not set outside. It's ok, it's just as inspirational.

Untitled (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Treats

Dun dun dun, okay it's time for our fun October giveaway!! No tricks involved :)
We have gotten a lot of feedback on what you guys wanted to see in a giveaway and the #1 answer was jewelry. But we were torn, because we just came out with a popular mustache mug set that we thought you might be interested in also. So.... instead of picking one or another, we're giving BOTH!

The grand prize is a mustache espresso set - they're SUPER cute!
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
I kind of think they would be perfect for a girls tea party as well.

And the second prize is this crafty fox pendant necklace. He's completely adorable, and is on a great necklace made from the same rubber as wetsuits {I know, cool right?}

October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)
October Giveaway (by Lex Leigh / Uptown Avenue)

Aaaand these are just in time for the holidays. You can either gift this awesome set or keep it for yourself, but I'm pretty sure you'll want to keep it if you win it :)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us what your favorite book is and why {I'm on the hunt for a new list of books to read!} Then keep checking back to see if you've won!
The winners will be chosen at random on October 31st.

Hope you are ALL having a fabulous weekend!

Cheers ♥

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Love

I have a whole list of fun personal projects I want to work on!

In the meantime, a recent Etsy fave:

And some other web faves:

Seen on design is mine

Seen on ohdeedoh

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!