Friday, January 8, 2010

A few resolutions

Instead of having just ONE New Year's Resolution, I decided to make a scrapbook of sorts called "10 Things To Do in 2010". Not all of the pages are finished yet. Actually, most of them aren't! But I thought I'd share the majority of my list of resolutions with you. I'm hoping to accomplish every single to-do on this list before 2011!

Here goes:

*Take more pictures {see below for page!}
*Take a creative, just for me class {see below for page!}
*Volunteer more
*Go to Renegade!
*Make a kawaii quilt
*Send more packages to faraway loved ones

Take more pictures (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Take a fun, creative class (by Lex Leigh ♥)

Well, it just happens that I signed up for Style School, so I get to cross this one off my list! It still counts, because even though I paid for it in 2009 it starts this year! Plus, it's the first fun, creative class I've taken since high school {intro to digital photography}.

And speaking of Style School - here are a couple pages I've done for my "homework".

The binder cover - used Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses - Woodland 12x12 for the woodgrain background, then drew one of my signature trees and colored it in using metallic gel pens. It took forever, but I was watching a movie the entire time so it was ok!
Style File Cover (by Lex Leigh ♥)

And one of my wardrobe inspiration pages:

Style School (by Lex Leigh ♥)

These are actually the only two pages I have done for it, but I have a TON of ideas for future pages!

And, no page in either one of my new books is free from future altering. They never are :)

What are YOUR New Year's Resolutions?



  1. Your Style File looks amazing!!! You did such a great job! Love it!

  2. wow for some reason I thought I was already following you but wasn't, now I am though :D yay!!!