Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Looking for a New Look!

Why is change so difficult?

When was the last time you decided to just step out of routine and change things up a bit?

For me, it seems often - as in hairstyles - or so I think! Funny thing is, every time I get a new
'fresh' cut, I seem to keep styling it the same as I have for years - so it really never looks that different!

I'm committing today to stop being such a creature of habit - to change my hair and NOT keep styling it the same! Yeah, we'll see how that goes...

Now the big question - do I go for layers, a bob, something trendy, short, long, medium?

Hair comparison for Val (by anime_fan *is away on vacation*)

Now I know why change is so difficult - too many choices!

Whatever changes you have going on in your life, big or small - easy or difficult - fun or serious, may they all be enriching times of growing and learning.



  1. That's too funny... I was thinking the same thing today, so I got my hair cut exactly like the doll on the right. I totally changed my look and put a little skip in my day:)

  2. Did those dolls come like that or did you style them yourself?
    A tip, change doesn't seem to be as big a deal if you take it slow. Years ago I had hair down past my waist and I cut it to just above my shoulders. I had to cut to my shoulder blade first to get used to it. It did make the transition easier (although I still threw up from the shock. Don't worry about styling your hair yet, and take your time in deciding the cut.