Saturday, August 8, 2009

Late Night Surfing Inspires Me

While the house is quiet, I sneak away to explore one of my favorite websites. has so many interesting stories and tips, I feel inspired everytime I visit.
For instance, here is an interesting article: Summertime New Uses For Old Things.

These cute place cards are made from paintchip samples - cute and colorful!

I love to recycle and to create, so this article was just right for me!

What do you enjoy reading? What inspires you?

Enjoy your life - Give generously to those you love!



  1. RealSimple is one of my favorite magazines as well. Fantastic idea! Can't wait to use it :-) Thanks,

  2. Real Simple is one of my favs. I also like Country Living, Organic Spa & Garden and Guns. Just to name a few. Martha Stewart is cool too.