Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Laughing Planet

For those of you who don't already know, I'm a pretty big fan of Banksy. So I wanted to share this link with you, an entire museum full of his work! The project was kept a secret from even the highest ups at the museum, known only by the curator and a couple of board members. I think it's note worthy that he has installed many of his own works in museums without being caught prior, and is now being invited to show! An inspiration of sorts to the little man. I've always been intrigued by graffiti, but the illegal aspect is less than glamorous. So one day I will practice freely on plywood.

Today we went to Portland to check out their fabulous artsy stores and grab some delicious eats. One of my favorite Portland places to feast at is The Laughing Planet Cafe. I'm positive all of their burritos and other food shtuffs are amazing, but my favorite and never failing go-to burrito is the Southwestern Green Chili. I mean how can you go wrong with: black beans, mild green chiles, local sweet corn, Tillamook {local} jack cheese, organic brown rice, and pico de gallo?? You just can't. I also drench it in their fabulously HOT sauce - it's a bit sweet at first and then leaves your tongue burning for quite a while. Some pics? Of course, as always!;

The Laughing Planet

The Laughing Planet

Also, wanted to show you a great artist I found on Etsy!

Ok friends, that's all for now! Gotta prep some more photos for a product update on the site!



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