Thursday, June 11, 2009

The French Press

So it turns out that while we were at the coast, there was a pretty severe thunderstorm back home with funnel clouds and tornado warnings. Thankfully, it seems the worst damage was some blown down trees and some people lost electricity. Tornadoes are unusual in Oregon, but even so, most people have basements. There haven't been any more tornado warnings, but we have had rainy, cooler weather - perfect weather to snuggle up to the computer with a cappuccino and scone and get back to work.

Afternoons have been a great time for creating new artwork for the shop, as well as a few surprise goodies. We've indulged in watching past seasons of The Office (what a hysterical show!) while we work away.

Today we took a break and ran for more supplies - and made a stop at The French Press. This is a great coffee shop that serves up delicious breakfast and lunch crepes, amazing smoothies and other incredible yummies! We had a grilled veggie crepe with black bean hummus on the side (which was spread on top to give this crepe a truly wonderful flavor).

French Press

French Press

More freight has been coming in and tomorrow we plan on taking more pictures and having our second product update since the launch on June 1st!

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  1. Hello,
    This sounds like a wonderful day.
    You have a lovely blog, and I've enjoyed your tweets.
    Your nun/monk tweet made me lol.

    Sylvia C.