Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Reading Digs

I'm having fun catching up on some of my stacks of books I seem to habitually buy. Here's my shortlist of some good reads to delve your mind into:

'So Long Insecurity, you've been a bad friend to us' by Beth Moore - Entertaining, deep and honest. Beth openly shares her own insecurities and the path she took to healing and wholeness.
Excerpt: "We can get away with thinking we're secure people because, for a time, we have the important things just like we want them. But then change happens, and suddenly we are thrown for a severe emotion loop. We realize we weren't secure. We were spoiled."


'Make A Scene, Crafting a Powerful Story Once Scene at a Time' by Jordan E. Rosenfeld - If you love to read then you've probably thought about writing a book or screenplay at least once or twice in your lifetime. For me, that's more often, such as every hour on the hour! I do love writing and I hate receiving those rejection slips from publishers. This book is amazing. I bought it when I wondered if there could be more to writing than just creativity, good punctuation and the ability to organize an intelligent thought into something worth reading. There is a SCIENCE to writing a book, novel or screenplay. These items designed for mass entertainment must contain elements that a publisher and producer are looking for. I love this book because it is easy to understand, inspiring and is a fun read! I have a full blown library of books on the craft of writing. Some other recommendations are: 'The First Five Pages' by Noah Lukeman (he also offers some free online downloads of writing helps - just google his name and see what you find), 'Write Better, Write Faster' by David A. Fryxell, and 'Writng For Children and Teenagers by Lee Wyndham.

I'll leave you with these two for now....I'm off to read a bit more before jumping into my day!
I've got a fun sewing ideas, art ideas and decorating ideas...I'll show you some pics when I finish something worth posting. :)

Let me know what you've been enjoying this summer!

TTFN (Tah, tah for now)

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