Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is It Summer Yet???

The count down is on!!

Many of you know that I homeschool my 2 boys. While it is a joyful task, I am really ready to get my sewing machine humming, my paints flowing and spread my craft supplies from one end of my studio to the other. Oh, and did I mention that I intend to finish at least one of the many books I've begun writing? I yearn for those free days when the kids are playing with friends and I'm happily creating without a care in the world.

This was also my plan last summer. I must admit that I did have creative days, but I mostly sabotaged myself. I looked out the window. From my window I can see the mountains, and I got the bug to go hiking. I saw the sunshine and got the bug to go swimming. I heard the kids laughing and got the bug to play at the park. I kept talking myself into enjoying the summer and to simply put aside my indoor stuff until Autumn and Winter when I am stuck inside without much to do. After all, it rains for months here in the Pacific Northwest.

That's what I eventually did. I gave into temptation, gave into outdoor fun instead of indoor flair. How do you think that worked for me - the whole procrastination thing? If you homeschool, you already know. School began again in September and my days were filled to the brim. When you homeschool there is always way more to do in one day than humanly possible. Teaching, cooking, cleaning, laundry, errand running, PE, field trips, parties, phone calls to and from all the sources of your homeschool connections (friends, groups, etc...). That's just the morning. Then comes the afternoon with grading, explaining, listening, researching and debating. Afterwards, evening. That's dinner, dishes, pajamas, bedtime stories, prayers and tucking in - all while I am completely tuckered out. The day is done, the kids are happily dreaming and do I go to sleep? No! I, like most of my fellow homeschool moms, stay up late emailing, facebooking, blogging, online shopping and surfing. Its how we unwind - and it can take hours!

I am completely ready for summer. I'm going to do it this year - stay dedicated to creating all my stored up ideas....that is.... just as soon as I finish watching all those breathtaking sunsets! :)
Cheers - Theresa

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